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Luxury Valentine's Breakfast Basket

Luxury Valentine's Breakfast Basket

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Not even your most romantic and special dates, it is always a striking and unforgettable gift to receive a breakfast or afternoon tea basket with delicious selected products. Want a special tip: send your surprise to be delivered the day before the commemorative date, so the person won't be woken up by the delivery service or have to wait for delivery if they wake up too early, especially on very busy dates like Valentine's Day!

Decorated gift basket, containing: 4 types of selected fruits, 1 Bauducco Toast 142g, 1 Special Butter 200g, 1 Polenguinho Cheese 68g, 1 Hazelnut Cream 140g, Yogurt 140g, 1 Bauducco Wafer Biscuit 140g, 1 Nesfit Biscuit 160g, 2 biscuits Club Social 24g, 1 Bauducco Cupcake 40g, Soluble Coffee 40g, 1 Nescau Breakfast Cereal or Cornflakes, 2 Toddynho Chocolate Drinks 200ml, 2 Fruit Juices 200ml, 2 Apple Juices 200ml, 1 Pack of Tea Sachets.

We have delivery option in up to 3 hours hours in the cities served.

You can also schedule the date and choose the delivery period.

Deliveries start at 7:30 am.

This product is available for fast delivery in and more than 2000 cities across Brazil. Check above in the "Where do you want to deliver" field if the desired city is on the list and schedule your delivery now!

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Thrill and surprise by sending this beautiful basket!

How this product is delivered:

This product is delivered directly by UniCestas in the cities of São Paulo, Osasco, Guarulhos, São Bernardo do Campo, Santa André, Diadema and Barueri / Alphaville. You can schedule delivery date for these cities. For other cities throughout Brazil this product can be sent via post office or carrier.

If the city you want is not on the list, you can see it in our store. UNIFLORES beautiful baskets and gifts available throughout Brazil through same-day or scheduled local deliveries.


If you choose to deliver during Business Hours, this product is delivered with FREE SHIPPING! There is only an additional fee if you choose the delivery period (Morning, Afternoon, etc.) or if you choose Express Delivery (within 2 hours in the cities served).

Handmade, subject to replacement of products or packaging.

This product is made locally na data da entrega by our selected local representatives. Therefore, they are subject to small substitutions of products or packaging according to availability in delivery location. Substitutions always try to use the more similar products of equivalent price. If a more significant substitution is needed (for example, changing the type of flower or basket, etc.), our service team can get in touch with the buyer to present alternatives and obtain authorization for replacement and delivery.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

deliveries of gift baskets made with care and quality! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the delivery, simply request the return of the product and we will refund the purchase in full.

See how it works:

UniCestas guarantees the full return of the amount paid if the customer is not satisfied with our services or products.

Full refund of the amount paid, see refundable admissible cases within 3 working days:

  • dissatisfaction with the product: UniCestas strictly follows the Consumer Defense Code, which provides that in purchases made over the Internet or by telephone, the customer has the right of repentance (art. 49), and may request the order cancellationupon return of the goods on behalf of the supplier and full refund of the amount paid. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the product delivered for any reason (delivery time, product quality, suitability of the packaging or characteristics of the flowers in relation to the photos and description of the same, etc.), just request the cancellation of the purchase and allow the withdrawal of the delivered product, within a period of 48 hours, that we will make the full refund of the amounts paid. In cases where it is not possible to return the goods, there is no possibility of returning the amounts paid for it..
  • delivery not made on the date: in cases where, exceptionally, the delivery is not made on the requested date due to any operational problem on our part, if the customer does not wish and authorizes the delivery on a new date, we will refund the full amount paid, with the return as well of any preferential, lightning or scheduled delivery fee, if contracted. There will be no refund of the amount paid: in cases where the recipient refuses to receive it, the recipient is traveling or the address provided is incorrect or out of date, UniCestas will not be able to refund the amount paid, as the basket or gifts it has already been made and sent, and it is available for collection by the buyer, in the destination city, for up to two days. However, if there are products non-perishable in the composition of the delivery, Uniflores will study with its client the proportional return of the amount paid.

The UniCestas guarantee restricts to the value of the products purchased and contracted services, not giving rise to any non-delivery, delay or divergence in the products no other type of indemnity or compensation.

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  • Product with own delivery in Gde São Paulo

    This product is available fordelivery in some cities in Greater São Paulo. Fast and personalized deliveries, with Free Shipping to several Neighborhoods!

  • Exchanges and Returns

    We offer Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If the Basket or delivery for some reason does not please you, just request the return and refund. Shop with peace of mind!

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