Delivery Rules and Shipping Values ​​Cestas Company

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping Terms and Time Limits for Purchases and Deliveries:

1) Where we deliver:


– Immediate or scheduled delivery in cities in Greater São Paulo:

We have a line of products that, due to their delicacy for transportation or availability of products, are only available in São Paulo, Osasco, Guarulhos, Alphaville, Barueri, São Bernardo do Campo, Santo André, São Caetano do Sul and Diadema. These products are also only available in these cities for delivery within 2 hours of completing your purchase or for you to schedule a date and time slot for delivery in advance.

 Deadlines for validity of the chosen delivery date:

Purchases made from Monday to Friday until 5pm may be delivered on the same day or another date of your choice at any time;

Purchases made from Monday to Friday AFTER 5pm may be delivered from the following day during Business Hours or Afternoon hours, or another date of your choice at any time;

Purchases made on Saturdays until 12pm may be delivered on Saturday, Sunday or another date of your choice;

Purchases made on Saturdays after 12pm may only be delivered on the first Monday in the afternoon or another date of your choice at any time;

Deliveries are scheduled for the indicated date , but there is no guarantee of the chosen time, even for Breakfast Baskets.

We will try whenever possible to prioritize delivery within the chosen period, but there is no express guarantee of that period. If it is not possible to meet the requested delivery time slot, the customer has the prerogative to request cancellation, with the merchandise returned and a full refund free of charge. And if delivery is not possible on the chosen DATE , we will contact the customer to find out if they still want delivery on the next business day or if they want to cancel, with a full refund of the amount paid. On NATIONAL HOLIDAYS, such as Carnival, CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, deliveries are not available in most cities. If one of these dates is chosen, we will contact you to check whether delivery can be made ON THE NEXT AVAILABLE DATE, or whether the customer would prefer to cancel the purchase and receive a refund.

Note: On special dates such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, etc., the itinerary and delivery date are prioritized and not the preferred time chosen.

Delivery charges

Our shipping policy seeks to offer the best possible costs depending on the delivery distance and the purchase price. See how it works, according to the first digits of the zip code (for example, if the delivery zip code is 05414-000, see below in range 054):

ZIP Codes Served

Cost of freight

012 – 013 – 014 – 040 – 045 – 050 – 053 – 054 – 055

Free for purchases of any amount (minimum purchase on the website is R$70.00)

010 – 011 – 015 – 041 – 042 – 043 – 046 – 047 – 051 – 056 – 057

Purchases up to 120.00: Shipping R$ 12.00

Purchases from 120.01 to 220.00: Shipping R$ 8.00

Purchases over 220.00: Free Shipping

02* – 031 – 032 – 033 – 034 – 035 – 044 – 049 - 058

Purchases up to 150.00: Shipping R$ 19.00

Purchases from 150.01 to 220.00: Shipping R$ 12.00

Purchases over 300.00: Free Shipping

036 – 037 – 038 – 039 – 080 – 081 – 082 – 083 – 084 – 052

Purchases up to 150.00: Shipping R$ 22.00

Purchases from 150.01 to 300.00: Shipping R$ 14.00

Purchases over 300.00: Free Shipping

060 – 061 – 062 – 064 – 065 – 070 – 090 – 091 – 095 – 096 – 099 – 097 – 098 – 048

Purchases up to 200.00: Shipping R$ 28.00

Purchases from 200.01 to 350.00: Shipping R$ 18.00

Purchases over 350.00: Free Shipping

Shipping prices subject to change on special dates, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. Some areas may also be unavailable on these dates.


Some products may be available for delivery throughout Brazil via post office or courier. For these modalities, the delivery date indicated serves only as a reference, so that the product is posted so that it is delivered as close as possible to that date, considering the expected deadline presented by the system at the time of purchase. This delivery date and delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

The customer can be informed with tracking codes from the carriers to track the delivery.

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