Surpreenda quem você ama com uma destas cestas de presente encantadoras

Surprise your loved one with one of these charming gift baskets

Surprise your loved one with one of these charming gift baskets

Who doesn't love receiving treats? Gift baskets are perfect souvenirs to show all your affection for your loved one, be it your boyfriend, mother, father, grandmother or best friend.

In that case, all you have to think about is what that person likes the most and which basket suits them best. To help with this mission, we've separated some of the most successful gift baskets. Look!

Luxury Valentine's Breakfast Basket with Flowers and Candy

Available for 1300 cities across Brazil!

cesta de presente cafe da manha dos namorados 3 2

A Luxury Valentine's Breakfast Basket with Flowers and Candy is one of the main options to please the ones you love. This basket has fruits, juices, chocolates, flowers and breakfast products.

It can be given on occasions like Valentine's Day or any day, even without any event! In this way, you will really surprise your loved one. Who doesn't like to receive a basket like this first thing in the morning?

Coffee Basket Flowers and Chocolates Good Morning to You

Available for 1300 cities across Brazil!

cesta de presente café da manhã bom dia com bombons

Why not treat yourself with gift baskets? After all, every now and then we deserve to recognize how special we are, right?

A Coffee Basket Flowers and Chocolates Good Morning to You It can be used as a gift for others or for yourself. It has juice, chocolates, instant coffee, jams, wafers, snacks and a box of tea.

Special Gift Box with Mug for Mom

Available for Greater São Paulo

cestas de presente Gift Box Especial Dia das Mães

Gift baskets are always great to give to people we love like moms, dads and grandparents. In case your mom likes an elegant keepsake, this gift box it's perfect and you'll now see why!

All of it values ​​a more refined touch. In it, there are items to eat, such as Ferrero Rocher bonbons and even Millefoglie D'Italia Matilde Vicenzi mini snacks. In addition, it has a beautiful mug remembering who is the best mother in the world. Perfect, right?

Breakfast Basket | Afternoon Vegetarian

Available for São Bernardo do Campo and Nearby Cities

cestas de presente BOX P SEM FRIOS 1

Are you looking for gift baskets that adapt to the tastes of those who will receive them? No problem! There are alternatives that are perfect for everyone. An example is this breakfast basket or vegetarian afternoon .

In addition to all products being free of any type of meat, the decoration is beautiful. Any combination of colors and products is very refined and select! That way, you can't go wrong with liking.

Zero Lactose Basket

Available for São Bernardo do Campo and Nearby Cities

cesta de presente BOX ZERO LACTOSE G

Just as some people prefer not to eat meat and/or dairy products, others have illnesses and allergies. Among the most common are the milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance.

Therefore, in the case of milk in particular, the zero lactose gift baskets can make all the difference. Can you imagine making a mistake and giving products full of lactose to those who cannot? So if you know the person's needs, choose the right choice!

Also, know that choosing a basket for people with dietary restrictions does not harm anything. There are great ways to make the basket very chic and tasty! This option we brought here shows that.

Diet Basket – Zero Sugar

Available for São Bernardo do Campo and Nearby Cities


Speaking of lovely gift baskets for people with special dietary needs, how can we not mention the sugar-free ones? It is the case of this diet basket – zero sugar that we're going to talk about now.

It is full of products that make the perfect breakfast or afternoon for those who have this need. In addition, her entire appearance is very beautiful and elegant. It even has beautiful flowers in the decoration.

Gift Kit Beers and Appetizers

Available for 1300 cities across Brazil!


Having a beer while eating some snacks is the passion of many Brazilians, isn't it? So why not create gift baskets that emphasize this? It's a great way to please your loved ones!

This is the case of this beer and appetizer gift kit . It has some products like snacks and bonbons for all tastes. In addition, of course, it has special canned beers.

Mimo Arrangement of Sunflowers with Bonbons and Sparkling Wine

Available for 1300 cities across Brazil!

mimo de girassol com chocolates e espumante

Well, not everyone likes beer that much, right? Therefore, there are other options for gift baskets with drinks. It's the case of this beautiful Arrangement of sunflowers with bonbons and sparkling wine .

Note that this option is very thin and goes perfectly as a gift. It will carry a great message and will impress whoever receives it. If you prefer, you can also opt for wines instead of sparkling wine.

Bouquet of Roses with Chocolates and Plush

Available for 1300 cities across Brazil!


And who doesn't necessarily want to give gift baskets filled with food products? Still, there are great options! In that case, let's talk now about a more romantic one, special for those who want to show all their love.

And the basket with bouquet of roses with chocolates and plush . The roses, fresh and of excellent quality, are perfect for demonstrating passion. The teddy bear, measuring approximately 30 cm, further complements this idea. And chocolate makes the gift even more refined.

happy holidays basket

Available for São Bernardo do Campo and Nearby Cities


If you want to wish someone happy holidays, opting for gift baskets is a great idea. In this case, let's talk about individual basket with cold cuts, fruits, honey bread, jam and other special products.

Among the gift baskets, which one did you like the most? If you want to customize, there is also that alternative! Visit our website unicest and find out how!

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