Sugestões de cestas de Natal para clientes e funcionários

Suggestions for Christmas baskets for customers and employees

Suggestions for Christmas baskets for customers and employees

Presenting customers and employees with Christmas baskets motivates them to remain even more loyal to your company. In this way, they feel valued, as a retribution for all the effort and companionship during the year.

Think about your case: how would you feel to receive a treat from the place where you work or from a company that you use frequently? Surely, you would be very happy, wouldn't you? That is a very powerful feeling.

Why give Christmas baskets to customers and employees?

Gifting customers and employees with Christmas baskets is a growing trend. This has been going on for years and has consolidated. Nowadays, many companies do this because they see that it actually works.

But why do this? In practice, what positive results are these? The effects for customers and employees are different. The impact, however, is mainly on the aspect of how they deal with the company.

In the case of employees, this is a great alternative for congratulating and thanking them for the year's performance and/or Christmas sales. This motivates employees to dedicate themselves even more to their business in the coming year.

In addition, it is a clear demonstration that the company really values ​​that employee. Think of it as a gift that brings joy not only to him, but also to the whole family. Thus, their children and husband or wife also enjoy and create affection for work.

With regard to customers, the main benefit is loyalty. Customers who receive Christmas baskets also tend to identify even more with your business. This is important, especially in more competitive environments.

If there are several stores selling the same products, why choose yours? Nowadays, marketing works a lot with the idea of ​​identification as well. And giving gifts like this makes the consumer feel valued and creates affection.

However, it doesn't mean you have to give it to every customer. Only for the most important ones is enough.

Oh, and giving out baskets also has the logistical advantage. It's not your business to prepare it. Instead, it is possible to buy ready-made from other companies that specialize in this. So, that way, the cost-benefit is better.

What should Christmas baskets have?

Ilustração de cesta de natal desenhada à mão

One basket for company dedicated to Christmas must prioritize products typical of this festivity. In addition, the tones can also be adapted to the symbolic Christmas decoration.

That is, you can have a wooden basket decorated with products that have a warmer color. After all, green, red, orange, yellow and similar tones perfectly match this date.

As for the products, they can be varied. Two of the most common are panettone and chocotone. You must have seen many baskets with them, right?

Other perfect elements for this moment are chocolates, honey buns, cookies, biscuits, wines and some flowers. Therefore, it is possible to combine edible items with other more decorative ones, such as plants.

Something additional and that always makes a difference is having a special ticket. Whether for employees or customers, saying thank you in this way is also important. To do this, just prepare a short message of happy holidays that will be added to the basket.

If you like, you can also add freebies related to your own business. For example, pens, calendars, mugs or other products that carry your brand that you think would be a good addition.

In the end, although there are more common products, it varies a lot from company to company. The most important thing is that the cost-benefit is positive and that your business manages to convey the message you want.

Christmas basket ideas

Now that you know why to give Christmas baskets and what they should have, it's time for some suggestions. See some options below and choose the one that best suits your taste and budget:

1. Arrangement of Sunflowers with Bonbons and Sparkling Wine

Sugestão de cestas de Natal contam com  girassol, chocolates e espumante

This special arrangement has beautiful sunflowers accompanied by Ferrero Rocher bonbons and a sparkling wine. With that, he conveys elegance and brings special products for the end of year festivities. Click here and see more!

2. Party Basket of Flavors with Chocolates

cesta com flores e chocolates

This other basket also has beautiful flowers and chocolates. In that case, you can opt for arrangements that have a more Christmas color, if you prefer. Click here and see more!

3. Personalized basket

Foto que demonstra opções para montar sua cesta de Natal

A final alternative is to customize the basket with items your business values ​​most. That way you can create gourmet baskets however you want for your employees and customers. For that, Click here.

Are you determined to buy gift baskets and kits for your employees and customers? Come and negotiate with us , we have the ideal conditions for your business!

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