Quais são os itens de uma cesta de café da manhã?

What are the items in a breakfast basket?

What are the items in a breakfast basket?

A breakfast basket is something that can literally change someone's day. What mood doesn't improve after receiving a gift like this in the first few hours after waking up?

However, know that there are features and items that can be added to the baskets and match more with different tastes and personalities. Therefore, we have detailed several possibilities for items in this publication. Follow!

Food in the breakfast basket

Cesta de café da manhã de luxo, com frutas, biscoitos, flores e achocolatados

Of course, a breakfast basket has food as one of its main elements. Thus, it is practically impossible to think about these gifts without adding food to the basket.

In that case, know that there are several options for baskets already assembled. Likewise, there is always the option to customize by choosing those items that you think the person will like the most.

What needs to be taken into account at this point are the tastes and characteristics of those who will receive the basket. In addition, of course, opt for lighter and more common foods to serve as a meal in the morning.

Among the main options are fruits (prefer those that take longer to spoil), bread, butter, jam, cheese, yogurt, etc. To complement, bonbons and cookies can give an air of greater elegance.

If you know what the person likes, you can pick from the top food items they prefer. However, if you don't know her that well, that's okay too. As there are breakfast baskets that are already assembled, you can choose the one you like best.

One last addendum on food concerns the particularities of each one. That's because there are people who can't eat certain foods. Examples are people with celiac disease, allergies to wheat or other foods, milk protein allergy , lactose intolerant, among others.

If you know that the recipient has any of these health problems, you should, of course, avoid giving gift baskets containing food of this nature. So, don't forget to take this factor into account more.

Drinks for coffee

Most of the time, a breakfast basket also has drinks that complement the food or even are the main highlights of the gift. For this particular meal, think about what is most common.

That is, you will not wine basket with the intention of the other person to consume in the morning, right? While there are excellent options for alcohol gift baskets, they serve a slightly different purpose.

In general, a breakfast basket includes softer drinks. Among them are juices, chocolate milk, tea and coffee sachets. Thus, the person receiving it can choose what they prefer to accompany their meal.

Other items to put in the breakfast basket

Gift Box Especial, exemplo de cesta de café da manhã

In addition to food and drinks, there are other items that serve to give even more prominence to the breakfast basket. These elements help to personalize and give more refinement to the present.

Here, then, we separate some more common alternatives that tend to be more successful. It's the flowers, the personalized mugs, the teddy bears and, of course, the notes. Here's how to make each one of them:


Flowers are great for adding extra charm to the basket. They serve both women and men. Nowadays, there are several alternatives. It is best to opt for more durable and colorful plants.


Mugs can be personalized in many ways. For example, with a personal photo, with something about the company or in other ways. They have everything to do with breakfast, and can even be used in the meal.


Teddy bears show a lot of love and affection on occasions like Valentine's Day or even for relatives, such as children, siblings, among others. They are not as common as flowers, for example, but they can be a good alternative.


Tickets are simple and have a big impact. Who doesn't like to receive a message made with affection? It's a great way to personalize the breakfast basket by adding a more personal and affectionate touch.

Where to buy the best baskets?

Currently, it is possible to buy the best baskets directly from the internet. That way, you can do everything without leaving your home, just a few clicks away.

Unicestas, for example, has options that match all tastes and characteristics. So you can decide if you want a breakfast basket with the details you prefer.

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