Quais os tipos de cestas que existem?

What types of baskets are there?

What types of baskets are there?

If you want to buy a gift for someone or even a treat for yourself, know that gift baskets are becoming more and more fashionable. There are several types of baskets, each dedicated to a special moment.

That way, the occasion doesn't matter. Whether for a birthday, a graduation, a friend, a relative or even companies, these are excellent options to show affection and recognition. Discover the main types of baskets here!

Breakfast baskets

Cestas de café da manhã estão entre os tipos de cestas para amigos

First of all, we cannot fail to mention the famous breakfast baskets . They are among the most common, and are dedicated to this time of day, as the name suggests.

To put together such a basket, it is recommended to place products that remind you of this meal. For example, breads, jams, cheeses, teas, coffees, chocolate milk, biscuits, cakes, among others.

Also, if it's for a gift, also think about other treats. Among them are personalized mugs and flowers, which are always very beautiful decorations that show affection.

Baskets with special drinks

Another alternative is baskets with special drinks. They are best suited for gifting people who like to try alcoholic beverages, be it beer, distillates, wines or others.

Therefore, these types of baskets tend to be specialized according to each type of drink that we have mentioned. That is, there are wine baskets , beer baskets, distillate baskets, among others.

Often, there are even accompaniments that make this gift even more special. Not bad to combine a basket of craft beers with snacks and different snacks, isn't it?

Christmas and New Year Baskets

Foto de homem recebendo abraço de filha pequena e sorridente em frente à árvore de Natal

The end of the year is here and, with it, comes another opportunity to present one of the types of baskets. Happy holiday baskets are already quite traditional at this time of year, and are gaining more and more fans.

Within these gifts, the ideal is to place products that refer to Christmas and New Year's Eve. In this way, you can insert panettone, honey bread, Christmas cookies, sparkling wine and several other products that remind you of these special dates.

To complement, flowers can make all the difference and make the gift even more elegant. In this case, the ones that best match these festivities are those with warmer colors.

baskets by gender

Gifting with either type of basket is something that tends to appeal to either gender. However, as time went by, stores began to better understand what tends to please men more and what tends to please women better.

As a result, nowadays it is normal to have special sections aimed at both sexes. If you want to check it out, you can see the baskets for women and in this other link the baskets for men .

The variations are usually in the shape of the baskets, in the decoration and even in the products that come in each one. For women, for example, teddy bears tend to be much more successful than for men.

baskets for companies

Something that has also become increasingly common are the baskets for companies . They can be aimed at employees and customers in general. In addition, they can be used for different occasions.

With regards to who to give it to, it's a great way to thank customers for their loyalty. In this case, the ideal is to give only to the most special ones, such as the most frequent customers or those who buy the highest prices at the establishment.

As for employees, it can be given to everyone or only to those who reach certain times. The most common thing is that these gifts are given at events such as the company's anniversary or at the end of the year festivities.

In either case, it's possible, and even recommended, to customize it in some way. The company can insert unique items like pens and calendars.

Baskets for special dates

Finally, know that the basket types go far beyond just those described here. In fact, there is a wide variety of special dates that call for gifts of this type. These dates follow the same logic. See below:

  • Valentine's Day;
  • Mothers Day;
  • Father's Day;
  • Grandmother's Day/Grandfather's Day;
  • International Women's Day;
  • Graduations;
  • Birthdays.

Note that, on any occasion, they are intended for special people, whether friends or relatives. In other words, they are gifts that are given with love and that can be chosen according to the criteria mentioned throughout the publication.

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