O que se coloca numa cesta de vinho?

What do you put in a basket of wine?

What do you put in a basket of wine?

A wine basket is an exquisite gift that tends to please parents, boyfriends, friends, among others. Along with the wine, we can add products that harmonize with the flavor and add even more elegance to the basket.

Among the most common examples are cheeses, chocolates and kits with olives and others. You can also add flowers and other elements to show all your love. Read until the end and see some of our best options!

What to put in a wine basket?

Taça servinho vinho tinto

Gift with baskets it's always a good idea. This is a versatile option that appeals to everyone. What's even better is that there are several options, such as the wine basket, the breakfast basket , the Christmas basket, among others.

Now, let's talk in particular about wine baskets and what goes with them. In this case, after all, wine is a primordial element. But what to put together to give a touch of elegance and flavor?

The first idea is to opt for a basket that also contains cheese. This pleases the palate with a good combination. A detail only goes to the flavor of the wines and the type of cheese. Seek to look for some that are to the liking of those who will receive the gift.

There are also specific combinations between cheese and wine. Cheeses like gruyère or emmenthal, for example, harmonize more with light red wines. Sweeter drinks, on the other hand, better complement the taste of roquefort and gorgonzola.

However, know that it's not all about the cheese. Still with food, chocolates, like more elegant bonbons, and some snacks make a good combination.

To go further, adding a flower arrangement can be an interesting addition. That way, you can show even more affection to the person who will receive the gift. Try to reconcile the type of flower with the message you want to convey (romantic, maternal love, for a friend, etc).

In addition, there are additional elements that can be part of the wine basket. teddy bears for Valentine's Day are examples. Personalized mugs are great alternatives too. Oh, and of course, don't forget a personalized note with a nice message.

When to give a wine basket?

A wine basket is a gift that serves many occasions, as well as baskets in general. This makes this a gift that easily adapts to the occasion you need.

A classic case is to present parents with this type of basket. See that this can happen on several occasions: Father's Day, birthday, Easter, retirement, among many others. And this example applies to almost all cases.

After all, more important than the basket is the message it sends and the affection that those who will receive it will feel. This is not just one occasion.

In this way, another very common example is as a romantic gift. That way, you can, for example, give an elegant wine, with flowers, cheeses and sophisticated bonbons to your loved one. Let's agree that it's a great gift for a day of romance, right?

Best wine basket options

So that you better understand how and when to give a wine basket, we are now going to present some special options. It's almost impossible not to fall in love with them. Look:

1. Basket with special wine

Cesta de vinho com salgados e bombons

This first case is more traditional and delicate. As a basis, we have a special chest in a handmade way. Already, inside, there is a good red wine with snacks and chocolates that harmonize well.

To see this basket in more detail, click here !

2. Nuna Bonarda Tasting Kit

Cesta de vinho com conservas

This second alternative brings a series of flavors and sensations for those who want to have dinner with the one they love. The wine used is Malbec by Chakana Nuna, complemented by bruschetta and olives.

To see this basket in more detail, click here !

3. Gourmet dinner kit

kit degustacao queijos e vinhos

This other dinner kit option has a similar idea to the previous one, but with different products. To begin with, the wine is Pata Negra tempranillo, low in tannins and well balanced.

The other food products are sweeter than in the previous case. Among them, we have Ferrero Rocher bonbons and Havanna dulce de leche. And there is also a non-food complement, with a Barber Shop bathroom kit.

To see this basket in more detail, click here !

4. Gift kit with Rosé Wine, Orchid and Bonbons

Presente Dia das Mães com Vinho Rosé, Orquídeas e Bombons

Finally, for those who want to combine the wine basket with flowers, this kit is perfect. It features a Chilean rose wine Concha y Toro that harmonizes perfectly with Ferrero Rocher bonbons. The accompanying orchids are perfect for giving to parents, friends, birthdays, etc.

To see this basket in more detail, click here !

In addition to these examples of wine baskets, we have many others at Unicestas with delivery throughout Brazil! Come visit our website !

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