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What You Need To Know Before Assemble Your Gift Basket! Look

Assembling your gift basket requires you to know in advance what you want to put in it. If not, it ends up getting messy and in the end there is a feeling that it could have been better.

In view of this, we prepared this post teaching you everything you need to know before starting to assemble the basket. You will learn what types of baskets are, what items to place and where to find the best options. Read!

What are the types of gift basket?

To begin with, know that there are different types of gift baskets. In this way, it is possible to match the gift to the occasion in which you are. This is an easier way to customize items and even the basket itself.

gift basket

Think, for example, that it is possible to give baskets to friends and family, to boyfriends or spouses and so on. Everyone likes to receive this gift and it will certainly be very successful.

Christmas and New Year's baskets , for example, are very common and involve products typical of the time. Among them are panettone or chocotone, honey bread, assorted cookies, the possibility of themed mugs and stuffed animals, and so on.

Also note that on this date we are using as an example you can give the baskets to anyone. Even in companies it is common to have year-end souvenirs in this format, customizing for customers and employees.

Anyone who thinks this is just a product for women on dates such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day is also wrong. In addition to them, men also tend to love them, making them a great gift for Father's Day , themed with what their father likes most.

In view of this, note that there is a very large variety of types of baskets. They are the ones with drinks, breakfast products, barbecue items, customized with non-edible products and so on.

Why give this gift?

Something important to note when we talk about gift baskets concerns the fact that they are very versatile souvenirs. That is, they serve for several occasions and for a large number of people, regardless of their style.

So this is in line with what we were talking about before. Since there are many types of baskets, it is possible to match the ideal one to the occasion you are going to spend.

For example, is it for your girlfriend or boyfriend's breakfast? So nothing better than adding items to eat, flowers and a card with a message representing all your love. A great gift, isn't it?

gift basket

Plus, there are gift basket varieties that fit just about every pocket. Therefore, even if your budget is tight, it is possible to find some cheaper ones that will still have the expected effect of pleasing the recipient.

What items should I put in a basket?

Items to put in a gift basket can be customized. This allows you to only add what you are sure the other person will like. Thus, you can put together a more elegant basket, more focused on a specific meal, etc.

  • Meals: put the ones that are most suitable for the meal you think of for the other person. For breakfast, for example, snacks, fruits, chocolates, biscuits, jams, butter, bread, etc. are common.
  • Drinks: for breakfast or afternoon, put teas, coffees and juices. For other times, be free. There are even craft beer baskets, wine baskets and spirits baskets.
  • Card: Write a special message for the recipient.
  • Personalized Items: You can add personalized mugs, company logo pens, photos, and the like.
  • Flowers: adding flowers adds elegance and adds a touch of affection to the basket.
  • Plush: Some people like to add plush, especially if it's for romantic occasions.

However, know that even if you don't feel like personalizing, you can still give a gift basket. Nowadays, there are the most varied options in stores specialized in the subject. They offer both the option of personalizing and offering products in baskets already assembled by specialists.

Where to find the best gift baskets?

Nowadays, there are stores that offer the option of customizing the gift basket. They also have specific departments for each event or type of basket.

Here at Unicestas, we have breakfast baskets, happy hour baskets, gourmet baskets, chocolate baskets, beverage baskets, in addition to many others that are ideal for every occasion.

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