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This Is What You Can't Miss On The Breakfast Table

The Brazilian breakfast table has several products that we know well, right? But what are the must-haves and why are they a good choice for this meal?

Whether to give a breakfast basket as a gift or for your day to day life, it is important to take this information into account. Thus, you guarantee more health and a day with more energy.

1. Bread

Breads are ideal for giving energy right away for breakfast. This is an important source of carbohydrate and is also very popular. Most people like bread, and it's rare to find someone who doesn't.

Breakfast table

Among all the types available, the ideal is to opt for wholemeal bread. It is good for its nutrients and for making you feel fuller for longer. That way, you won't feel hungry as soon as it takes a little longer to digest.

In view of this, when looking for the types of gift baskets, if you choose a breakfast basket, do not forget bread, toast or similar items. They are practically mandatory when the purpose is the first meal of the day.

2. Jellies and creams

Well, but nobody eats plain bread, right? So it's always interesting to also think of something to put on your bread. Among the various options, we have jams and creams of many varieties.

The most common are traditional jams, such as grape or peach. In addition, margarine and the like can also be interesting. The ideal, in the case of a basket, is to have more than one available.

If you want to give a gift basket , you can also choose something that adds a touch of elegance. Hazelnut creams, pâtés or other products of this type are always good for this purpose.

3. Fruits

Fruits are light and very healthy foods. Depending on the variety, they have a high amount of vitamins and other important nutrients for our diet, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

That is, in addition to tasty products, they are also very good for health. With fruits, we still have options on how to eat. It can be made both in its entire form and in juices, for example.

When adding fruit to the breakfast basket, choose those that last longer and those that are smaller. Large fruits will not fit or will not harmonize. As for those that spoil quickly, they run the risk of not reaching the table of those who will receive the basket.

4. Milk and derivatives

A source of protein that we use a lot during breakfast is milk. It can be ingested in drinks, as in the case of chocolate and coffee, or in different ways, with dairy products.

If you're going to drink milk, it's always best to opt for skimmed milk. It has a smaller amount of fats. Chocolate milk is only recommended at specific times, not every day.

With regard to dairy products, there is a good variety. Cheeses are great options, including for breakfast baskets. Yoghurts are also good and can be mixed with other foods in this meal.

5. Cereals

A breakfast food idea that is versatile and goes well with the ones mentioned above is cereal. Granolas, for example, are great and can be ingested in some ways in particular.

Breakfast table

One of them, for example, is mixed with yogurt. In addition, it can be eaten even among fruits, adding flavor, texture and nutrients. It is best to opt for options with less added sugar.

In addition, these cereals are a good source of fiber. In this way, as in the case of bread, they offer a good dose of energy to endure the day, in addition to providing a little more satiety and stimulating the digestive system.

6. Tea, coffee and chocolate milk

Breakfast isn't just made of food, is it? So also think about options to take. Among the main products on Brazilian tables are teas, coffees and chocolate drinks.

About chocolate milk, we've talked about it before. This is the least nutritious option. Therefore, it should only be ingested at specific times and by those who do not have problems with sugar - diabetics, for example.

Coffees are the great favorites of Brazilians. In addition, caffeine helps to give more energy and optimize cognitive capacity. In the baskets, it is possible to include capsules for coffee machines, for example.

Finally, teas exist in greater variety, with different health benefits. They are especially indicated for those who do not enjoy drinking coffee.

For your breakfast or that of the one you love to be even more special, give a basket with all these products. Here at Unicestas, we have a wide variety. Click here and check it out!
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