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What Can't Be Missing in a Gift Basket? Check out!

A gift basket should be filled with items that show your affection and please the recipient. In this way, there are some products that are seen as essential to put in the basket, while others can be complementary.

If you are still in doubt about which gift basket to choose, this post will help. We've prepared a list of what you can't miss, as well as some additional options. Follow and understand!

Must-have items in a gift basket

To start with, what are the items that are seen as practically mandatory to put in a gift basket? Although there are some exceptions, as we'll talk about later, the vast majority of baskets have products like those listed below.

gift basket

As you will see, there are some edible options, which serve for meals such as breakfast or afternoon. In addition, there are alternatives to drink and even products that only add elegance and affection to the basket.


One of the most important items for those who are putting together a breakfast basket , for example, is bread. There are different bread options, such as toast and even some more refined ones, at your disposal.

The important thing is to note the importance of this product for meals. In general, they provide fiber to face the day to day. They are also some of the favorites among Brazilians for breakfast or afternoon.

jams and butter

Now, moving forward, it's time to think about what to put on the bread. After all, nobody likes plain bread, right? It can even be good pure, but nothing better than putting on some delicious topping.

In that case, there are a few options for adding flavor. Thinking of something more savory, we have butter and margarine, even in small packages. Jams, especially the fancier ones, can be added too.


Many people like to put varieties of chocolate in a gift basket. First, it can make the basket more sophisticated, opting for a finer brand and taste. Also, it adds taste and dessert option.


Fruits are healthy and great for any meal, including coffee or dessert. In that sense, it's a great idea to choose to put them in the baskets. Prefer, however, fruits that last longer, preventing them from spoiling. They even serve as decoration.

Teas, coffees and juices

Good, but what about drinking? Here, we can talk about varieties that please all tastes. It is possible to add coffee (powder or in capsules), various teas, juice boxes and even chocolate milk.

custom items

Finally, among the items in the baskets that are most common, there are a variety of non-edible items that can be customized. Among them are flowers, mugs, cards, photos, among others.

gift basket

They all serve to make the basket more individualized. Also, of course, they help to further demonstrate your affection for those who will receive. It is certainly something that is very successful and cannot be left aside.

Alternative gift basket ideas

The ideas we mentioned above are the most common, present in almost all baskets. However, they are not the only ones. For every rule, there is an exception. In this case it is no different, as we will now see. There are other interesting alternatives.

drink baskets

The first alternative idea is to gift drinks, such as a wine basket , for example. They are classy and cater to people you know enjoy these drinks. Baskets with beers, sparkling wines and spirits are other ideas.

When thinking about such a gift basket, don't forget about accompaniments. Some prefer to add snacks, meats or other products like that.

barbecue baskets

A barbecue basket can have meat, coarse salt and some drink, such as a craft beer. It's a great option for your dad's birthday or Father's Day, for example.

Baskets for other occasions

In addition to these, know that there are gift basket options for virtually all occasions and special dates. Baskets serve as souvenirs for all dates.

Here at Unicestas we have several options for breakfast baskets and gifts for all occasions. Click here and check it out!
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