Valentine's Day

How to Gift Flowers and Baskets on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is when Valentine's Day is celebrated in several countries, such as the United States, Portugal and others. In Brazil, although the official date is June 12, more and more couples have adopted Valentine's in their calendar.

On that date, gifts, such as flowers and baskets, are great options. Oh, and know that, abroad, it is even possible to give gifts to relatives and friends, symbolizing love in a broader way. See some options on how to assemble the ideal basket!

Why gift basket on that date?

During Valentine's Day, the mood of love is in the air. Abroad, it is common to exchange souvenirs between friends and relatives, for example. In addition, in work and student environments, bonbons and other products are exchanged.

Valentine's Day

However, the date itself reminds of romantic love above all others. Therefore, it is even more common for couples to present themselves on this February 14th. A great option is the gift basket .

This is a gift that can be adapted to a series of different dates, such as Valentine's Day , Mother's Day or Father's Day, for example. But what makes it a good Valentine's Day alternative?

Well, the big plus point of the baskets is that you can customize them in different ways. Therefore, they end up molding themselves to what the special date asks for. As such, it's great for giving to boyfriends - and it won't be a basket like you'd give your dad.

What makes it even better is that you probably already know the host well. After all, this is usually a date when we present people who are already with us in a romantic love.

That is, personalizing will be even better and more special. It will be possible to include in the basket everything that the person who will receive likes the most. All this in an elegant and affectionate way.

What to put in a Valentine's Day basket?

Now, going straight to the point, a Valentine's Day basket requires some special products. While there are options that are almost mandatory, others are optional. The ideal is to think according to what the person who will receive likes the most.

The first point is to think about the purpose of the basket. Will it be a breakfast basket ? A barbecue basket? A wine basket? Of course, different types of baskets require different products.

Anyway, keep in mind that it is recommended to put some food and drinks. They should do for the meal you thought of.

If for breakfast, items for this meal, such as bread, toast, jam, tea, coffee, juice and cookies are recommended. If it's for barbecue, meats, beers and others. Already, if it's with drinks, some snacks and snacks. And so on, always customizing for the occasion and the person.

Valentine's Day

But not only food and drinks make a basket. In addition, there are other products to make the gift more loving and special for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Flowers, for example, bring a very special romantic mood. Another product that does this is a plush, which can also be in the basket. A basket with flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals are amazing.

In addition, there are some other less conventional ideas, but that can be adopted. Personalized souvenirs, such as mugs or photos of the couple, can be an alternative.

Don't forget to also put a message of love in a little note. That's the final touch to personalize the basket, bringing your words of declaration to the ones you love.

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