Como escolher uma cesta de Dia dos Pais? Confira!

How to choose a Father's Day basket? Check out!

How to choose a Father's Day basket? Check out!

Father's Day is coming. To gift who you love so much, nothing better than investing in a gift that shows affection and affection, right? That's why a Father's Day basket can be so special!

But how to choose the perfect Father's Day basket? How to hit your dad's gift right? There are some special tips that will help when choosing. There are many baskets, and one of them will certainly be the expected success. Look!

What are your father's preferences?

filha dando cesta de dia dos pais para o pai, junto com a mãe

To put together the ideal Father's Day basket, let's start with the basics. The first question we have to answer concerns your father's style. After all, what are his preferences?

Some people like barbecue more, for example. In this case, you can place items such as meats, drinks (beer, wine, among others) and so on.

Other people prefer options for breakfast. That is, here the idea of ​​a basket changes a lot. In these situations, the ideal is to opt for bread, biscuits, fruit, etc.

Moreover, even the decoration of the basket itself can change according to preferences. There are more traditional basket bases, more rustic and even with some prints. The materials and the way they are worked can change.

So while you're looking for the perfect Father's Day basket, think about it. Keeping in mind what your dad likes best will help ensure you get it right.

Know what to put in the Father's Day basket

Well, now that you're already thinking about your dad's style, let's take it a step further. What to put in the Father's Day basket? Which foods? Can drinks also appear in this gift?

Well, let's go by parts. First, it's always a good idea to have food on hand. gift basket . As we've already touched on this a bit in the section above, there are some variations on what can go.

If you have a barbecue father, as in the previous example, why not bet on meats and beer? Now, if your father is more natural, there are great options with fruits, juices, cereals and fruits.

For a dad with a sweet tooth, the options are many. Several baskets have chocolate bars, the most diverse bonbons, cookies, etc. Oh, and a good wine can match perfectly!

In most cases, having food in the basket is a great idea. Still, it doesn't always have to be this way. If your father likes beer a lot, for example, there are gourmet gift baskets only with these products. The important thing is to assess the person's taste.

Think of souvenirs beyond food

Eating and drinking is very good and satisfies everyone, do you agree? However, to bring more elegance and love to the Father's Day basket, you can go further than that. It is possible to bring an extra affection by personalizing with other memories.

For this, a simple card with your words can make a big difference. It's something simple, but with great power. Which father is not moved to see his son declare all his love?

In addition, creativity can go further. Other items can be added to the Father's Day basket. Among them, personalized mugs, photos with the family and the like add a special touch.

Ready-made or customized basket?

cesta de dia dos pais com salgadinhos e cervejas

Nowadays, there are two options for how to put together a Father's Day basket. The first is through the baskets that already exist. In addition to this option, there is also the option to customize all items.

Opting for existing baskets ensures greater security. They tend to please just about every parent. For this, there are options among which you can choose according to your preferences.

That is, through the alternatives that the stores offer, there is a whole diversity that allows you to choose the ideal one. So, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one that fits your dad's style.

However, if you prefer, or if you don't find an ideal one, there is another possibility. Many basket stores allow you to customize a basket. With this, you choose among the items that you understand yours will like best.

Where to buy a Father's Day basket?

Nowadays, there is a great facility to buy a Father's Day basket. There are custom websites that allow you to do this from wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you're far away, nearby, at work, at the university or wherever you are: all you need is internet access to buy.

There are also options that suit all price ranges. So you can please your father as you can. So there's no excuse, right?

Here at Unicestas we have prepared several special alternatives for this date. Click here and choose your Father's Day basket!

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