Cestas para presentear: escolha a ideal!

Gift baskets: choose the ideal one!

Gift baskets: choose the ideal one!

Gift baskets are suitable for virtually all occasions. They offer an elegant option in a surprise full of affection. The finish, colors and products bring authenticity to the chosen option.

For this, there are several options of types of baskets, and some are more suitable for one or another event. So if you are in doubt about which gift baskets to give l

Breakfast baskets

cesta para presentear com flores, biscoitos, achocolatados, etc

One of the most popular options on the market is breakfast gift baskets. This style has been known for a long time and is also used for similar purposes, such as afternoon tea.

In the case of the material of the basket itself, it is generally chosen the wicker . It is a resistant and practical material, which visually also matches the moment.

Within this there are different alternatives. Thus, you can choose the one that best matches the person you will receive. See some ideas:

The products to eat that go in the basket are, in general, some more practical ones that Brazilians like to eat in the morning. For example, this is the case of chocolate products, fruits, jams, teas, bonbons, cookies, juices, biscuits, among others.

It is also worth mentioning that breakfast gift baskets can even accompany cups. That way, you can give a nice gift to someone special, like your mother or your grandparents.

Baskets with special drinks

Okay, are you looking for gift baskets that are for another time of day and not for breakfast? No problem, as there are also gift baskets with drinks and products that match perfectly.

One of the most interesting options is the gift baskets with the theme of beer . They also usually come with appetizers and snacks such as peanuts, chips, etc. And beer, of course, should always be of high quality.

For those who have a more refined taste and prefer wines and sparkling wines , it is also possible to put together great baskets. In this case, however, what usually goes well together are products such as cheese and bonbons, as well as some snacks (usually cheese-flavored). Even grapes help to decorate and make the basket even more elegant.

Finally, a third type of beverage gift basket is distillates . Alternatives like Jack Daniel's or Black Label with bonbons are a perfect match.

These products serve, for example, to have a good happy hour. After all, this time is always much more fun with the ideal products, do you agree? In addition, it also serves as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day or for other special occasions.

gift baskets for men

This is not always the case, but often gift baskets men may be different from those given to women. This concerns what individuals of each gender tend to like best.

Therefore, starting with the male gender, the gift baskets for men can be personalized with special themes. For example, you can use beer baskets, which are very popular, along with snacks and maybe a little football.

It's okay that this option is pretty cliché, isn't it? Still, it tends to please the vast majority of men out there. Therefore, if you want something more pragmatic, this is an excellent option!

baskets for women

cesta para presentear com frutas, achocolatado, biscoitos, entre outros

Regarding gift baskets for women, usually the idea of ​​beauty is very welcome. Therefore, add to female basket something skin care is a great alternative.

Also, for both men and women, breakfast baskets usually do their job well. So, being general, they should appeal to people of both sexes perfectly.

In the end, the main thing is to understand the taste of whom you want to give the gift. If you have a more precise idea, look for baskets that have specific products. If not, buying more generalist baskets might be the best idea.

Gift baskets for special dates

In addition to the gift baskets mentioned above, there are those for special dates. They have the specific theme of each event, which helps a lot if the goal is to please someone on that particular date.

In this case, the main baskets for Easter , Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day , Christmas, among others. Some related to those we talked about before are those of International Women's Day it's from mother's day , who can follow some of the basket ideas to gift females.

Oh, and now we have two news for you to gift with the best baskets: the category Mount Your Basket , where you can choose a type of basket and assemble it to your taste and category Customizable Baskets , in which we suggest some models of baskets already with selected products and you can exclude or include the products you want. In both you have the option of putting together your gift with hundreds of products such as Matins, Chocolates and Bonbons, Plushies, Creative Gifts, Drinks, Snacks and Appetizers, Bows, Balloons and Gift Cards, and much more.

Quite a lot, isn't it? If you are looking for ready-made gift basket options that can be delivered throughout Brazil, come meet Unicestas ! We have perfect baskets for every moment!

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