Cestas de presentes: empresas também surpreendem funcionários e clientes

Gift baskets: companies also surprise employees and customers

Creating a good relationship between the company and the consumer is essential these days. The same goes for the work team, which needs to be motivated to meet the organization's goals.

In both cases, gift baskets can be a good solution. These corporate gifts surprise and create ties between the company and customers or employees. There are several options for how and when to do this.

Why give gift baskets to customers?

cliente saindo da loja com compras e brindes

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to create stronger bonds with your customers. Thus, in short, there is a greater chance that consumers will buy from your business and continue to buy.

That is, there is an incentive for customer loyalty. After all, who doesn't like to receive a treat from time to time, right? Imagine receiving a beautiful breakfast basket ? With consumers, it is no different. Everyone feels good about being valued.

Among the main options for this are gift baskets. They help create an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. That way, whenever you need a product or service in the industry, you'll think of this company.

In general, it is possible to choose between corporate gifts and corporate gifts. Gifts are simpler. This is the case of personalized pens with the company's brand. They don't add as much value, but they can help in some cases.

Corporate gifts are more sophisticated and elegant. They have a bigger and more lasting impact on the customer. This demonstrates how much your company values ​​you. This is where gift baskets come in.

Of course, they should not be given to all consumers. Instead, the ideal is to prioritize those who are the most important and faithful partners. It's a great relationship marketing tip.

Benefits of baskets to employees

In the case of employee gift baskets, the issue is similar but not exactly the same. Of course, this is also a way to recognize an important person for your company. However, the contributor is important for another reason.

In this way, note that the idea here is to reward those who stand out the most. For example, all employees who reach a certain goal or those who have more strategic positions in the company.

So this is a very effective way of motivating the talent that the organization has. As in the case of clients, there is also the creation of a stronger bond between the professional and the organization.

These gestures of gratitude demonstrate appreciation for work, within the so-called employer branding . There is an increasing understanding that good leadership values ​​employees, creating a connection between them and managers.

Indeed, many problems at work have their origin exactly in the lack of motivation or recognition. This can cause stress, anxiety, the erosion of relationships between colleagues, among others.

Therefore, the impact of corporate gifts such as gift baskets is important and real. They help maintain a healthy climate in the organization, as well as motivate everyone to achieve better results.

When to gift?

cestas de café da manhã para presente a clientes e funcionários

A very common question is about when to give gifts to customers and employees. After all, the company is not going to give gift baskets for every sale that is made, is it? This would bring high expenses and take the real focus away from the present.

Instead of following this line, know that there are times to give these treats. This can be done on special dates or based on goals, for example, in the case of employees.

A very common example is at end of year parties. At this time, Christmas baskets are very common and welcome. Everyone likes to receive and it's something that brings all the benefits we've mentioned so far.

Another tip is after the anniversary of time in the company. As in the case of an employee who turns 5 years old. Or else when someone is promoted or is retiring. Options abound.

How to create a campaign?

Another idea for creating gift basket opportunities is with incentive campaigns. They serve to increase sales, for example. Thus, those who sell the most are benefited. This generates motivation and tends to have practical results.

To start such a campaign, first define the goals. That is, what should be sold? In what quantity? In which region? Which channels?

After that, it's time to determine the campaign rules. That is, will there be a lottery among those who meet the goal? Will a basket be given to each employee who reaches this amount? Will there be a mixed campaign between the two models?

Finally, it's time to train the team and spread awareness about the campaign. That way, she will be prepared and motivated to get to work!

Where to find the best gift baskets?

Nowadays, you don't have to leave your home or work environment to find gift baskets. For this, there are several good quality options on the internet that deliver all over Brazil.

Here at Unicestas we offer options aimed at special dates to create unique moments. You can even assemble your basket however you like. Click here and discover our website!

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