Cestas de café da manhã: como montar a sua e onde comprar

Breakfast baskets: how to assemble yours and where to buy

Breakfast baskets: how to assemble yours and where to buy

Breakfast baskets serve for birthdays, weddings, dating, welcome, goodbyes, congratulations, promotions at work and several other commemorative occasions. But how to build one?

For this, there are some tips that will facilitate this task. Take our advice into account to customize your basket. Read to understand better!

Put the right foods in the breakfast baskets

Breakfast baskets, as the name suggests, are especially for this meal. Although they can be delivered at other times (such as for afternoon coffee or at events), it is the most used alternative for the first meal of the day.

Therefore, there are foods that are best indicated. To understand better, think about your meal in the morning. In Brazil, we have our own culture. Most people like similar products in this period.

Therefore, when choosing breakfast baskets, opt for these conventional foods. Preferably merge between major types. For example, put some savory, some sweet, and so on.

Among the main foods, crackers and cookies are very common. In addition to them, breads and jams make up a basket very well. Other products that can be included are yogurts, cheeses and chocolates.

Fruits are great ideas too, but for that you need to be careful. Choose ones that are easy to peel, are small to medical in size, and contain few pits. That is, no watermelon in the basket!

Also, prefer the most popular fruits, such as mangoes, grapes and bananas. Thus, in addition to increasing the basket, it still gives an elegant look.

What drinks go with a breakfast basket?

Vista traseira de uma mulher se espreguiçando com itens de cestas de café da manhã sobre a cama

Just as we must choose the right food options, the same goes for drinks. That is, when producing your breakfast baskets, think about that too.

And in that case, there are some main options as well. Here, the rule is the same: prefer what is more common in this meal.

Among the most common choices are natural juices, soluble coffees and teas. Among the tea options, you can choose one that contains caffeine, such as black tea, or the most common in Brazil, such as fennel or chamomile.

It is always indicated to opt for baskets that contain these options. That way, you guarantee that, in addition to the ideal meal, the person will also have something to drink. Therefore, a full breakfast.

Are personalized mugs good options?

Yes, items like personalized mugs are good alternatives. They bring an extra pleasure in breakfast baskets and are usually quite successful.

Thus, with a personalized mug, the person guarantees where to drink. In addition, it is a lasting gift, which can contain, for example, the company logo, a photo of you with the person or something similar.

Evaluate inserting flowers in breakfast baskets

gift baskets they are always very successful. With breakfast baskets it's no different, especially when you increase the gift even more.

In this case, placing flowers can bring even greater sophistication to the occasion. And anyone who thinks that this only serves for the Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, for example.

Even for the business environment it can be a great option. Also consider putting flowers on occasions such as International Women's Day, employee promotions, among others.

Although they are associated more with the female gender, flowers can be given to both men and women. In addition, when producing the basket, it is possible to choose between different types of flowers. Thus, you can choose the best combination for the occasion.

What are the other items for breakfast baskets?

In addition to the flowers and the mug, it is possible to put even more items in the breakfast baskets. They serve the same purpose: to add even more elegance to the basket.

Among the most common alternatives, some stand out. Handwritten cards, teddy bears, picture frames with a special photo are some good ideas.

But should I put them all in one basket? Not necessarily. Instead, evaluate each occasion. A teddy bear may be more suitable for boyfriends and children, while cards may be more versatile and generic, for example.

customize the basket

Cestas de café da manhã com garrafa de suco e frutas na manta de piquenique. comida deliciosa no piquenique no parque

Nowadays, there are several alternatives for breakfast baskets. That way, even on specialized sites you will find ready-made options and a way to assemble it yourself.

This is very interesting, especially if you know well who will receive the basket. In this case, take into account all the items we have discussed so far. That is, mugs, flowers, picture frames, cards, etc.

Of course, the food and drinks that will go in the basket will also be decided by you. In view of this, it is better if you know what the person likes and dislikes.

Including, it is possible to choose much more than that. For example, what type of basket? What model and design?

Where to buy breakfast baskets?

There are places that specialize in baskets in general. This way, these places also have breakfast baskets. The best ones work with several alternatives for you to choose from.

Here at Unicestas, we have options with flowers , with chocolates and bonbons , for men to women and many others. In addition to these alternatives, you can also assemble your custom basket as you see fit.

That is, you can use all the tips given in this post. Rate each of the breakfast baskets and see which best fits your cravings! If you prefer, assemble yours.

And if you're close to the person you want to present, and you have time to choose, prepare and decorate your basket, take advantage of our templates and tips to make a beautiful basket to present on a special occasion. Now, if you are not so close but want to make a gift, and if you prefer that we take care of all the details for a special gift, count on our experience and logistics for fast deliveries in more than 1500 cities throughout Brazil!

Come and meet Unicestas, just click here !

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