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Breakfast baskets: how to choose the best one to give as a gift

Breakfast baskets: how to choose the best one to give as a gift

Breakfast baskets are great gift ideas, whether on a more formal occasion or a more informal one. However, if you've already researched it, you might have noticed that there are a number of options.

So which basket to choose? Is it better to opt for a ready-made one or assemble it yourself? If these doubts are still preventing you from buying, today we are going to solve the problem. Learn to choose!

Take into account the occasion to choose the breakfast basket

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Alright, you're looking for breakfast baskets. This is already a good start. But, to further improve the choice, we can also take into account some more information.

After all, chances are you're giving that special gift for a reason, right? Therefore, the first step is to understand what this motivation is that leads to choosing breakfast baskets.

You may, for example, be giving someone a gift on a special day, such as graduation, saying goodbye to someone who is going to move, congratulating someone for doing well in a test or something like that.

However, there are other possibilities. It may be that the purpose of the basket is simply to say how much you admire that person or even at an event at company , such as a promotion or reaching goals.

Therefore, there are a number of options that allow you to understand what to prefer from items in one basket or another. What is considered a good gift in each one?

Well, for more formal situations, opt for something more basic and versatile. Thus, the best ideas are breakfast baskets with products that appeal to all tastes (chocolates, juices, cookies, flowers).

Now, if you are going for something more personal, you can think about what that person likes when you are choosing the gift basket . For more romantic situations, for example, you can opt for flowers, wines and plush, in addition to bonbons and chocolate drinks or juices.

That is, the occasion indicates that there are different alternatives for each moment. Most sites have ready-made baskets and even give the option to assemble your personalized basket , which is always a good thing if you're more sure of what you want.

Find out if the person has any special dietary needs

As you may have noticed in the tips above, breakfast baskets usually come with food. In this way, the most common thing is to have chocolate milk, cookies, bread and other products that are usually consumed in the morning.

However, not all people can consume these products, right? Therefore, it is always important to think about whether those who will receive the basket can consume what actually comes in it.

Among the most common are restrictions on milk and gluten. In the case of gluten, there are some restrictions, such as celiac disease , non-celiac gluten sensitivity and allergy to products such as wheat. In this case, avoid products with wheat, barley, rye, malt and oats.

In the case of milk, there are two main ones: lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy (CMPA). It's easier here, and just avoid putting products with milk in the breakfast baskets.

In these cases, if you know the person well, it gets easier. However, if you don't have such an intimate relationship, it can get a little complicated. Still, it is possible to have a way out in these cases.

If you don't know if the person has any dietary restrictions, opt for breakfast baskets that have products that everyone can eat. That is, gluten-free and lactose-free, for example. Juice instead of milk, and so on. If this is not possible, think of variations, such as products with and without gluten, with and without milk, etc.

Put flowers in the breakfast basket

cestas cafe da manhã dos namorados

Flowers always add a special touch of sophistication to any gift, including breakfast baskets. They are special and give an extra touch, showing the affection and admiration you have for the person receiving the basket.

Even, contrary to what some people are led to think, everyone likes flowers. So no matter if you are gifting men or women, children or adults, they will do just fine.

Of course, something that is interesting is choosing the type of flower that will be in your chosen breakfast basket. Nowadays, there are a plethora of options, and some are chosen more often.

For occasions like On Valentine's Day , roses are most preferred, especially red or pink ones. For other times, sunflowers, violets, begonias, daisies and many others can be excellent alternatives.

Our suggestion here is to choose the flowers of the season or think about the colors that best match the message you want to convey. Since there are many types of flowers, this will not be a problem.

Take into account the gender of the gifted person

Generally, men and women have slightly different tastes when it comes to breakfast baskets. This is more related to the details of baskets, but it can make a difference, especially if you know well who will receive the basket.

To the baskets for women they usually have sweeter details, like the flowers we mentioned, bows, among others. In addition, there are more complete and simpler options.

In the case of baskets for men , there is less detail, including with some breakfast baskets that are not straw. Flowers and bonbons are often optional, with some liking them more and others less.

Did you like the tips on how to choose the best among breakfast baskets? It all depends on the occasion and who will receive it. Come and discover our options in unicest to rock the present!

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