Cesta para empresa: como escolher?

Business basket: how to choose?

Business basket: how to choose?

A business basket comes with different items to thank employees for their services. In this way, they can be presented in different situations, such as employee birthdays, awards for goals and results, promotional campaigns, anniversary of seniority, etc. , Secretary's Day, Christmas and New Year.

However, what to put in a company basket? What are the products that most value and please employees in general? Follow the post for the best tips!

Why give a basket to employees?

Basically, a business basket or a corporate basket is a common gift from organizations to their employees. This guarantees a certain recognition and motivation for the employee to remain in the company.

In that case, there are some specific reasons that make these baskets special for these moments. So now let's talk about it.

First, keep in mind that a business basket tends to be good value for money. Thus, when compared to other types of gifts, there is greater accessibility, combined with the possibility of choosing the ideal products.

Still with regard to the company, there is another important benefit, which is logistics. When we opt for a basket, all the preparation and delivery can be carried out by the chosen basket specialist shop. Unicestas has a whole expertise in the area and has partnerships with local producers that allow delivery even on the same day in more than 1500 cities throughout Brazil!

In addition, the role of employee recognition is also important. In line with what we said before, this tends to motivate you. But it's not just him: the baskets also bring joy to other people who live with him, like his husband or wife and children.

In this way, a business gift basket is the ideal choice both from the point of view of the purpose of the gift and from the point of view of finances and business logistics. However, the ideal is that you know how to choose what comes in it.

What's in a business basket?

cesta para empresa com flores, vinhos e bombons

We have already talked about the benefits of the basket for the company. Now, let's talk about what can come in it. Naturally, there are different possibilities, so that each company can customize it in some way.

But what makes the items that can come in it vary? Well, there are factors such as the event, the basket model and the very large possibility of products that directly influence this, so that there is not just a closed basket.

That said, among the main products in a business basket, the following tend to be the most chosen:

  • Bonbons and chocolates in general: the sweets are ideal for various occasions (Christmas, Easter, among others) and exist in several options of values, formats and fillings.
  • Biscuits and cookies: other very common sweets are biscuits and cookies, and they go well with events like Christmas.
  • Panetone: this is a classic of Christmas events, isn't it? An alternative is chocotone.
  • Cakes: industrialized cakes can be another pleasant option, including for company anniversary events.
  • Peanuts: Almost everyone likes peanuts as a snack, right? So it works really well too.
  • Wines and sparkling wines : it is the form of drink that brings the most elegance to the company basket.
  • Beer : an alternative, especially for happy hour, is beer.
  • Flowers: in addition to edible items, flowers can also be a good increment.

In addition, the company can create a personalized thank you note. Then just put it in the baskets as another way of saying thank you to the employees.

And also see that it is not necessary to choose only between these items. For Christmas baskets, for example, you can also include raisins, honey buns and other culinary elements that match the date. At Easter, you can insert chocolate eggs. Each event allows different possibilities in the basket for the company.

Ideal occasions for employee baskets

cesta para empresa com chá, produtos para o café da manhã, flores e biscoitos

So far, you may have noticed that we have already mentioned some examples of events in which a business gift basket is the ideal gift, right? However, know that there are more, and there's a reason for that.

The first and most natural of events, which we have already spoken of, is Christmas. It is very common for organizations in general to hold Christmas events, and baskets are usually very popular.

Another similar event is Easter. Although it is usually smaller than Christmas, it can be celebrated in a simpler way, such as chocolate eggs and flowers only.

Company anniversaries can also be celebrated. Still, this is more common in certain industries and not as widespread.

In addition to these, other occasions also allow basket for company. For example, when employees reach goals or when they are promoted, in celebrations such as Labor Day and international women's day , and so on.

Note that for some organizations some dates will make more sense, while for others it will be different. The most important thing is to know in practice what is being celebrated, in order to determine which will be the basket for the ideal company.

Tips on how to choose a basket for a company

Finally, now let's give you some tips on how to choose your basket for your company. After all, with so many options, how do you know which ones will bring the most value to employees?

  • Basket size: take care to choose one that will fit all the products you intend to give away. Medium and large sized baskets are usually ideal.
  • Products: choose those that are related to the event in question and try to insert elements of refinement, such as wine or sparkling wine.
  • Value: calculate the number of employees to be presented and how much the company can choose from.
  • Other gifts: to complement, it is possible to give spa products to workers who stand out.
  • Personalized: it is possible to insert products with the company's personalization, such as mugs.

Now that you know how to choose the basket for the company that best suits your employees, come and meet Unicestas ! We have experience in the market with corporate service!

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