5 cestas gourmet de presente que você precisa conhecer

5 gourmet gift baskets you need to know

5 gourmet gift baskets you need to know

Nowadays, there are several gourmet gift basket options. In view of this, this is an increasingly valued treat. He shows affection in an elegant and special way.

However, there are many doubts about how to choose the basket. How to make it perfect? Which products to add? Where to find a gourmet gift basket? See our 5 options to give the perfect basket!

What to put in a gourmet gift basket?

A gourmet gift basket can serve for many occasions. For example, as a souvenir at events, in promotions, in the Valentine's Day , birthdays and other commemorative dates.

So, you may have already noticed something important. A coffee basket shouldn't necessarily have the same items as a more elegant one for Valentine's Day, do you agree?

So, know that there are different options. Each varies a little or a lot from the other. This allows you to choose the ideal one for the moment you need.

That said, which one to choose? Let's say you want a more standard one. So, go after cookies, bonbons, snacks in general, etc. This is a good idea for cafes, too.

To give more elegance, you can add products such as wines. And when customizing, you can even add mugs, cards with a special message, plush and flowers.

However, if you want something for a birthday, you can opt for other products. In the case of food, some baskets come with meat, special for barbecues. They even have drink alternatives, such as wine or beer.

5 gourmet gift basket options

Cesta gourmet de presente namorados com Vaso de Pimenta, macarrão, bruschetta, vinho e crostini

Now that you know what to put in a gourmet gift basket, it's time to get to know some options. For this, I will present 5 Unicestas alternatives. We have baskets for all occasions.

1. Gourmet Valentine's Basket with Pepper Vase

The first gourmet basket as an option is the Valentine's basket with pepper vase . It contains items that aim to carry the message of love with sophistication.

In this way, it is ideal thinking, for example, of a more complete meal. It features bruschetta, snacks, pasta and red wine. In addition, there is the pepper arrangement, which serves both to add flavor and to give even more elegance to the basket.

2. Brazilian Flavors Basket

A Basket Flavors from Brazil is another successful gourmet gift basket. As the name implies, it has selected products from our country. The goal is to bring flavors from various parts of Brazil, always with quality.

In this sense, there are several flavors. There is honey bread, cashew nuts, coffee, among others. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

3. Personalized gourmet gift basket

Why not personalize your gourmet gift basket? That way, you can include all those items that you know the other person will like. It's a great way to get even more involved with the present.

In this sense, it is possible to choose basically everything. First, you choose the type of basket (wicker, with words, etc). Then by the products. With that, you can leave it perfect for the occasion you need.

4. Morning pampering basket

A morning treat basket It is a gourmet gift basket that serves especially for breakfast. However, it is not a completed basket. That is, you have customization options.

In this way, it is a gift basket that presents alternatives for the morning, but with a margin of adaptation. In addition, as products can vary between one basket and another, the value also differs.

5. Bassar Carnes Premium Barbecue Kit

Not every basket is breakfast, right? Others are for other times. This is the case of Bassar Barbecue Kit , also a gourmet gift basket.

It serves up to eight people, which is even better for those who will receive it. In addition, there are 3 kg of selected cuts from which you can choose. There are some kits that come with some differentials, such as wine.

How to choose the perfect gourmet gift basket?

cesta gourmet de presente churrasco com vinho

The perfect gourmet gift basket is the one that most pleases the person who will receive it. Therefore, there is not only one that fulfills this role. After all, everyone is different and has their own tastes, right?

In this way, the options that we brought today play an important role. With them, you can see that different occasions and tastes can very well be contemplated. There is an ideal basket for everyone.

So, to choose, follow some basic steps. Before, think about who will receive. What does she like best? A breakfast or a good barbecue?

Also remember that some options are more individual, with smaller baskets. Meanwhile, others are larger and allow for greater socialization, such as barbecue.

Then also think about what you want. What message do you want to pass? Is it a more romantic basket or for a more formal celebration such as a company promotion?

Finally, of course, consider your budget. Larger budgets allow for fuller and larger baskets. However, even if the available value is lower, it is still possible to get a good gourmet gift basket.

So, which of the five did you prefer? Do you like the ready-made ones better or do you prefer to customize them yourself? Leave it in the comments!

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