10 cestas de café da manhã para começar o dia bem

10 breakfast baskets to start the day off right

A breakfast basket is something that can change a person's day right from the start. With a treat like this, there's no one who doesn't wake up happy! Wouldn't you, for example, like to win one or even buy one for yourself?

This gesture shows a lot of affection for the other person. Furthermore, there are many options that may please you. Baskets can be given on special occasions, such as birthdays, or simply to show your feelings.

1. Delicate Breakfast Basket with Flowers and Fruits

cesta cafe da manha delicado com frutas 1 uniflores

There are many options for what to put in a breakfast basket. Therefore, let's start by indicating a more complete alternative, with flowers and fruits. This is a more natural indication, with lighter products.

Therefore, the basket contains 3 types of fruit, gingerbread, cookies, drinks (chocolate milk, fruit juice, milk drink), among others. The flower arrangement can be of different options, depending on what is in season or what suits your taste. Click here to access!

2. Special Gift Breakfast Basket

Cestas de Café da Manhã

If your goal is to gift a complete and elegant basket, this is ideal. It has special products for a morning meal to envy.

Therefore, it is a great idea to give as a gift for a special occasion. For example, due to a promotion at work, a birthday, having graduated from college, and so on. Click here and access!

3. Surprise Breakfast Basket with Flowers and Chocolates


When we talk about romanticism, what comes to mind? For many, the association between flowers and chocolate is the perfect combination! Although it is not just for couples, it is a more traditional idea for these moments.

This basket of surprise breakfast with flowers and chocolate gives lots of love and affection. The choice of flowers, including kalanchoê, chrysanthemums, begonias or seasonal flowers, represents your feeling.

These flowers, however, are in the most yellow tone. This way, they are more versatile and can be given to friends, relatives, etc. In other words, it is not just for couples, although it is also an alternative for these cases.

4. Breakfast Basket Complete with Bouquet of Flowers and Chocolates


Since we're talking about romanticism, how about this other option? breakfast basket complete with flowers and chocolates? This is even more suitable for couples, due to the type of flowers that are part of the basket.

After all, who doesn't know the romantic meaning of red roses, right? With a bouquet of 12 red roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher, this basket will represent everything you feel for your loved one.

5. Celebration Breakfast Basket with Cold Cuts, Breads and Fruit

cesta cafe da manha luxo frios paes e frutas 5

If the idea is to give a more complete food gift, here is a perfect alternative. A celebration breakfast basket It has breads, cold cuts and fruits, among other products.

With this, the recipient will have a complete coffee. Also included are products such as Nutella, chocolates, chocolate drinks, tea bags, fruit juice and a special flower arrangement or vase.

6. Breakfast Basket Mini Morning Kit

cesta de cafe da manha mini kit matinal 1

If the budget is not so favorable, but you want to give a treat to someone you care about, mini morning kit coffee basket fulfills this role well. Even though it has a lower price, it has great products.

In fact, this basket has a difference between the gift packaging and the basket material. To make the gift even more special, write your message of affection with what you want to say.

7. Special Daddy's Breakfast Basket

Cesta de Cafe da Manha Dia dos Pais Especial 3

Every time is a good time to give gifts to mom and dad, do you agree? They who raised us and gave us so much love certainly deserve it. Therefore, the daddy's breakfast basket It serves to remind you of your love for him.

Don't think that just Father's Day you can gift it. This thoughtful gift is available for delivery throughout Brazil, depending on availability in your city. Enjoy!

8. Good Morning Basket for Her


If your gift is not for your father, but for a woman, the good morning basket for her can be your best choice. It is decorated in blue tones and has delicious products for breakfast or afternoon tea.

9. Love Fruit Luxury Basket

Cesta Love Fruits Luxo 2

Does the person you want to give a gift love fruit? Well, know that, if this is the case, there is a perfect alternative! And the Love Fruit Luxury Basket , in the shape of a heart and with apples, pears, guava, kiwi, peach, mango, strawberry, grapes and cherries.

This is also an interesting gift idea for those with special dietary needs. That is, people who cannot eat anything with milk, gluten or any other food.

10. Good Morning Flowers and Chocolates Coffee Basket for You

cesta de caf da manh bom dia com bombons

Finally, how about giving yourself a gift? Since breakfast baskets are ideal for giving to someone you love, this is for you too. After all, in addition to loving others, you must also love yourself!

In this case, there is a great possibility that gourmet basket. There are products that will make your day start better, such as cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, among others.

If, in addition to these options, you want to see even more, come and discover Cestas Company! Click here and visit our website right now!

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